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Bike cleaning specialists In Leeds

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Mobile cleaning packages

Dedicated and experienced  professionals at your service

Lifting a Bike

Basic Wash

Get a basic wash for your bike if you all you require is a quick once over to get it looking new in no time. This is a quick clean however we don’t scrimp on quality. With this wash you are getting delicate clean including wheels. After the clean the bike is dried with chamois lather and the chains are lubes. We will be handles with care and we will get it back to you looking shiny and clean. This wash is ideal for new bikes and bikes that are used for short trips.

Bikleen has the Brake Cable Lubrication experience to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. We offer the highest quality customer service and will treat your automobile as if it were our own. Roll off the lot with your vehicle feeling brand new. You’ll be amazed by the difference our Brake Cable Lubrication services will make.

Hot wash

With our hot wash we give a more in-depth wash compared to the basic package. This type of wash is ideal for people who ride their bikes daily up and around the city. It's great for bikes that have done longer trips.


With this clean we do a detailed clean for each part by removing it and making sure its gleaming before putting it back together. This includes wheels, chains, and handles. We then ensure its dried using our hot blower. Additionally, we will lube the chains and add a coat of polish to get it looking fresh.

Bike Frames
Bike Chain

Detailed wash

Why not opt for our detailed wash which is our most thorough and intricate cleaning package. This is ideal for bikes that have been used for long journeys in all types of seasons. The bikes may be looking like they’re on their last legs and you may be thinking of replacing it.


Look no further as this package is ideal to get your bike back in good condition. You can expect to get the full works which includes polishing the wheels and frames, liquid in the forks, suspension oil change and a detailed and deep clean. We use top quality products to ensure the best result for your bike. We use a buffer and hot dryer to complete your bike.

Bike cleaning services: Services
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Choose the right clean for your bike!

  • Wheels and frame clean and polish

  • Handlebar cleaning

  • Chains cleaned and lube added

  • Dried with chamois lather

  • Buffer cleaning

  • Dried with Hot blower

  • Mud and dirt removal

Bikleen will ensure that all cleans are done with the customers safety in mind. We will arrive with gloves and masks whist maintain a safe distance between you and our staff. Cleaning is completed outside your home or work place to keep us all in line with covid-19 regulations.

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